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Winning a surviving battle in an after apocalyptic situation is a skill and let's use that skill to kill the zombies in " Zombie shooters " Zombies are living dead, and they became extinct from their human life because of the war between humans. The Breakout of war happens because of the misdeed of humankind, and that destruction's outcome affects others. Zombies or living dead are the victims of those wars outbroke. Zombies are dead but also considered as living things as they can walk around. And This happens in a world when humans are on the way to their extinction and zombies; in other words, the living dead have started to come into life without being alive again. That's when the surviving or left alone humans have to create a battle with the living dead. The zombies are coming into life again without being alive because they want revenge. And surviving humans or characters have to survive that war against zombie catchers. Surviving skills; skills refer to those which are needed to win against adversities. Shooting skill is one of them. In this zombie shooting game, the surviving person needs to struggle to survive and save himself from getting attacked by the zombies, and he will be required to possess that shooting skill and the proficiency to know when and how to catch zombies. " Zombie shooter" is a game in which a player can show off their aforementioned skill. When you enter or start this game, you will be automatically directed to landscape mode, and the game will start between you ( the character) and the living dead. You will be playing the role of a zombie catcher and will continue to catch zombies,or in other words, you will be killing zombies while holding a gun. You need to utilize your shooting skill and keep shooting the zombies before they come closer towards you, as becoming closer to them is riskier for your (the character's) health. But, Hey, watch out! Because the zombies are here to make the zombie catchers live in extinction. And they will try to come closer to you and to worsen the zombie catcher's health. Getting touch with the zombies will keep the character's health worsening, and when the surface is touched by about four to five(4-5) zombies, the zombie catcher's lifetime will be down at point zero, and the journey of survival will come to an end. The living dead will achieve their goal, which is revenge against humankind and make mankind's existence extinct for good. There will be no need to mention, but there will be different types of zombies with different hazardous abilities who are always ready to fulfill their revenge by using their "zombie abilities." But ... As a lone survivor, you cannot let that happen, right? So, after being cautious enough about the surroundings and consequences of the zombies, Let's start playing the "Zombie shooter" game with your great " shooting & zombie catcher " skill and keep collecting coins as rewards as the collection of cash will make you unable to update your character, to upgrade the character's skills at another level. Moreover, With enough coins, your (the character's) strength, weapon's quality, and other things can be upgraded too. So, let's hurry and start playing a role in saving the world from getting entirely demolished.


Click Shoot Button Player will be Shoot Click Jump Button For Jump


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